Monday, 28 May 2012

The Ultimate Wedding Cake

When Katie came to us to design her wedding cake, she wanted something big, beautiful and white. That was it! Something elegant, refined, and a cake to take her breath away. Oh, and sugar flowers - beautiful sugar flowers.

We were lucky to have such a client, who allowed us complete creative control of both the design, and the flavours. We chose to do a fresh take on the traditional old school cake. More floral, less stringwork, yet a design that could be appreciated by those of every age. Flavours, added added Orange Peach, Milk Mud with Cookies and Cream filling, Marble mud, to Katie's only request, and that was Vanilla Bean & Rosewater. A traditional Fruit Cake for the top tier to preserve finished off these five delicious cakes.

Thank you Katie for allowing us the great pleasure of working on this cake, I hope it was everything you hoped for.


  1. Absolutely awesome, congratulations Katie on your wedding and congratulations Sugar Rush on such a beautiful creation of art.

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