Friday, 21 October 2011

Inspiration can come from anywhere....

We find the inspiration for our cake designs from just about anything! When we look through magazines, visit stores, watch shows, we look for patterns, shapes, designs. This cute magazine style page inspired a fun cake full of texture, colour and personality!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Dessert Table to Top all Dessert Tables

This is a table we created with a grand ballroom in mind. We wanted to create a dessert bar that was sophisticated, elegant, and striking, yet at the same time unexpected, charming and sweet. I simply love the use of flowers in jars with lids. It's as though we are restraining nature, and making it be contained in our little spaces. 

These stunning images come courtesy of Roger at Popcorn Photography. Anyone looking for a wedding photographer, check them out for sure. 

We made a gorgeous cupcake bouquet and ruffle cake to add a romantic feminine element. At the same time using sugar cookies and Greek shortbread to bring warmth and comfort. Gold cake pops and macarons add drama and a certain air of class and glamour. 

For us the star of this table is of course the cake! This platformed three tier cake has hundreds of hand piped swiss dots, and the most lovely sugarpaste roses, ranunculus, blueberries and sweet peas. Little blossoms and tendrils of doda vine add that cottage charm to an otherwise elegant cake. 

This table is also the first time we have used our custom made chocolates. These were Whitman's Peanut Brittle with polka dot personalised wrappers. All available through special order. They are the perfect gift for your guests or to add to a gorgeous dessert spread.

Photography by Roger at Popcorn Photography

Monday, 10 October 2011

French Provincial Cupcake Class

This is the newest cupcake class on offer at Sugar Rush. It is perfect for those students who have taken our other cupcake classes, or those who have some previous cake experience.  They are sophisticated, complex, refined and most of all delicious!

This class we will be honing your icing skills. We will be teaching you how to make the perfect delicate ribbon rose, work with molds and cutters. You will also get a chance to do some silver hand-painting as well as those perfect stripes. 

This class is all about pushing students to use different tools and equipment, as well as becoming more comfortable with technical cake terms, although for those of you who have attended our classes, there will still be our usual antics and bizarre pet names for what we teach. There has to be fun and laughter to make Sugar Rush go round!

Students will be creating much more realistic blossom flowers this time as well as using impressions, patchwork cutters, fine piping, and even two tone piping. We want to expand your skills set and push you to try new things. We have fallen in love with these designs, and we hope you will too!

If you are interested in attending our classes, please call us on (02) 4948 1286

All this wonderful photography is dine by the hugely talented Rog at Popcorn Photography.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Our Sugarpaste Roses Class

Last Tuesday we had the great pleasure of teaching 4 of our students how to create stunning sugarpaste roses. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the girls all came early, excited to see what they were going to create. The class was made up of one super sweet bride of ours, Gabby, a decorating machine! Kat, and two new converts, Kendall and Michelle, who thanks in part to our classes have discovered a new passion: Cakes and Icing!!!

In class we taught how to make the perfect "imperfect" rose, a closed peony, and a wild open rose. All have their own ways of creating petals, shaping, veining, and drying. All with their own little tips and tricks. 

Over the day long class, we spent much of the time working at a nice calm pace. The students were amazingly fast learners, and it was incredible to see their flowers taking shape in front of them. We really had a wonderful day sharing our experience and teaching techniques that were quite new and foreign to our students. But they kept an open mind, and continued to see their creations grow. The sense of pride they exhibited once the final open rose was complete was inspiring. All the girls did amazing. Their creations are below, and I hope this class inspires them to continue creating beautiful floral cakes and sweets. 

Happy Decorating!