Thursday, 6 October 2011

Our Sugarpaste Roses Class

Last Tuesday we had the great pleasure of teaching 4 of our students how to create stunning sugarpaste roses. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the girls all came early, excited to see what they were going to create. The class was made up of one super sweet bride of ours, Gabby, a decorating machine! Kat, and two new converts, Kendall and Michelle, who thanks in part to our classes have discovered a new passion: Cakes and Icing!!!

In class we taught how to make the perfect "imperfect" rose, a closed peony, and a wild open rose. All have their own ways of creating petals, shaping, veining, and drying. All with their own little tips and tricks. 

Over the day long class, we spent much of the time working at a nice calm pace. The students were amazingly fast learners, and it was incredible to see their flowers taking shape in front of them. We really had a wonderful day sharing our experience and teaching techniques that were quite new and foreign to our students. But they kept an open mind, and continued to see their creations grow. The sense of pride they exhibited once the final open rose was complete was inspiring. All the girls did amazing. Their creations are below, and I hope this class inspires them to continue creating beautiful floral cakes and sweets. 

Happy Decorating!

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