Monday, 4 July 2011

Our Cupcake Bouquet Class

Sunday we held our first ever Cupcake Bouquet class in our new classroom. What an amazing day!! We had an absolute ball teaching 6 lovely ladies the art of creating buttercream sugar flowers. And what an incredible job they did! In 4 short hours, they created true mastepieces, and all of them left beaming with pride. 

We commenced the course with a quick overview of cupcake recipes and buttercreams, followed by the basics. Many of our girls had never held a piping bag in their life, so it was all a new experience. But it didn't take long for them to get the hang of it!

Once everyone was feeling pretty comfortable with their swirls, we moved onto the begonia and roses. The photos speak for themselves! We had some real stand out students, and with a little help they were all confidently creating flowers for the rest of the afternoon.

We were lucky enough to have Meredith from Popcorn Photography stop by and say hello, camera in hand. The shots you see are just some of the amazing photos we received from Meredith. Her work is seriously the best macro shots around. She is a true artist with the lens. 

Once we all had a satisfying lunch of coffee, and cupcakes, we moved on to assembling those bouquets. This is where the magic happens. All of a sudden, those cute little cupcakes, looking so sweet, turn into a gob-smacking creation! We as instructors, could see the ladies light up, and realise what they had been creating the whole time. A work of art. That is what it is all about for us. Sharing the joy of decorating with others. Allowing people to grow creatively, to explore their natural talents, and to grow as a person. It was an amazing experience, and I thank each and every one of our students for sharing their Sunday with us. You truly made our day!


  1. Wow!!!
    Great photo's...Looks like they all had fun too...
    Aren't classes the best!!!