Thursday, 30 June 2011

Masterfoods/ Masterchef cakes!

This week we were contacted by the wonderful people at Mars Foods (aka Masterfoods, Uncle Ben, Kan Tong etc) to create 3 Masterchef cakes for a party to celebrate their wonderful relationship with Masterchef, and it's hosts!

After being given some initial ideas by the company, we suggested creating Mystery Boxes. Great part of the TV show for sure, and what better surprise, than for them to be filled with cake!

They may be just a basic rectangular shape, but there's nothing basic about these boxes of cake. The smaller boxes were four cakes, stacked and iced into a 6.5" high cake. They were also delicious! White chocolate and raspberry flavour - our most popular combination. The large, or should I say gigantic cake, was 6 cakes slacked, requiring 24 internal dowels, and at 10" high, and 15" long, it took two people just to lift it off the table! Again, an incredible flavour, Milk Chocolate Mud Cake with Cookies and Cream Filling.

Why three cakes? Well, with 300 people to feed, and round the clock shifts, Mars Foods wanted not only there to be cake left for the night shift, but their own cake, so they didn't miss out on the celebration. What a wonderful company! I think more big business should take the time to think about all their staff in this way. Made us proud to be a part of it!

So here are some pics of the cakes. Hoping to get more over time of the actual festivities, and see just who sunk their teeth into our cakes!!

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