Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mon Tresor, Sweet Little Birdy, Nourish Your Soul, and some sweet treats!

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be a part of a gorgeous photo shoot by Renee Bell Photographer. Not only are the shots beautiful, but it makes me want a cup of that sublime tea by Nourish Your Soul.

I love the colours, the vintage feel, reminds me of tea with my grandma, and my sister's collection of vintage wares all at the same time. 

Jon and I enjoy a cup of tea every night before bed. I know it's such an old married couple thing to do...but there's nothing wrong with that! I love old couples, who sit together on park benches, finish each other's sentences and still look at each other with that sparkle in their eye. Oh, I really am a hopeless romantic. 

So what do we love to have with out tea? That's easy. Right now, it's those sweet but complicated macarons - Ispahan! What a flavour combination. Mind blowing! Raspberry centre, with a lychee and rose ganache....just thinking about it makes me drool, literally!! They are by far the best sweet I've ever had!

But what post about tea and sweets would be complete without our renowned Brownie Bites! These little chocolate morsels create intensive feelings in our customers. Nothing is quite like this little babies! They have been described as "the perfect little chocolate pillow", "heaven" and "the best things ever!!". And even though I make them, I still to this day can't eat just one! They are popable perfection. And what about these gorgeous cups available from Mon Tresor, stand from Sweet Little Birdy.

So if you are after some sweet treats such as these, pop into our store in Mount Hutton and check them out for yourself. 

Images courtesy of Renee Bell Photographer